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I wonder if you know him……

That’s my king,

My king is a sovereign king,

NO means of measure can define His limitless love,

He is endearingly strong,

He is entirely sincere,

He is eternally steadfast,

He is immortally graceful,

He is duly powerful,

He is impartially merciful,

Do you know him………….

He is the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon of this world,

He’s God’s son,

He is a sinner’s savior,

He is the centerpiece of civilization,

He is unparalleled,

He is unprecedented,

He is the loftiest Idea in literature,

He is the highest personality in philosophy,

He is the fundamental doctrine true theology,

He is the only one qualified to be that all sufficient savior,

I wonder if you know Him today…

He supplies strength for the weak,

He is available for the tempted and the tried,

He is ever timely and he saves,

He strengthens and sustains,

He heals the sick,

He cleans the lepers,

He forgives the sinners,

He discharges demons,

He delivers the captives,

He defends the feeble,

He blesses beyond,

He restores the aged,

He rewards the diligent and He redefines the meek,

He redeems the lost,

Do you know Him,

He is the key to knowledge,

He is the wellspring of wisdom,

He is the doorway of deliverance,

He is the pathway of peace,

He is the roadway to righteousness,

He is the highway of Holiness,

He is the gateway of glory,

Do you know him,


His life is endless,

His goodness is limitless,

His mercy is everlasting,

His love never changes,

His word is enough,

His grace is sufficient,

His reign is everlasting,

His reign is righteous,

His yoke is easy and

His burden is lighter.

I just can’t describe Him for you,

He is indescribable,

He is incomprehensibleImagey,

He is invincible,

He is irresistible,

You can’t get Him out of your mind,

You can’t get Him out of your Head,

You can’t outlive Him and

You can’t live without Him.


The Pharisees couldn’t stand Him,

 When the found out they couldn’t stop Him,

Pilate couldn’t kill Him,

Death couldn’t handle Him and

The grave couldn’t Hold Him.

THAT’S MY KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t Get Married If….

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Don’t Get Married If…..

our politicians aren’t calling each other names, they just do the same old politicking as back in the 60’s?

I find it appalling that almost all Kenyan presidential aspirants are promising water, free education, security and all those things. A year and a half after the promulgation of a brand new constitution, said to be the Avant –Garde (innovative, pushing at the boundaries, very advanced) in the world. Previously it was the South African constitution. Now it is the Kenyan one.

What Kenya needs is a servant – leader to entrench this constitution, strengthen and, as necessary, create the institutions required. Then the water, free education, security and all those nice things will follow in the spirit of justice and fairness. In any case, the goodies come from taxes not aspirants. Except one, the aspirants barely mention the constitution leading me to suspect that they either don’t like it or don’t know what it is for. Both are chilling options showing that political thinking has moved very little since 1963.

There is a danger that the constitution is watered – down to continue with the same old politics and gains made reversed. That is why the motives for seeking power and the aspirants’ track record are so important. The goodies, including housing are constitutional and people should not pretend that they are being nice by “Giving” us these things. They are not nice. The constitution is a document that clarifies the needs of the mwananchi. That is what horrifies me; people pretending to give me what is mine by right.

Personally I don’t want to be part of a Kenyatta – Odinga feud that started in 1964 when either of my parents barely existed.

To be covered by God and walk in the area of your destiny you can’t be limited to walking with people who look like you. You got to get out of the box because God will use a lot of people to bless you in and out of your life. You can’t be narrow or one – dimensional. Life is like a coat of many colors.

Beware though, do not categorize the blessing by the many colors, it is not the colors you need watch it is the character.

There are three types of people you will interact with when you are a child of destiny. They include;

these types of people are very few in life. These are the types who love you unconditionally. They are into you, whether you are right or wrong, up or down they are still into you. They are in for the long haul. If you get in trouble, they’ll get in trouble with you. They’ll come see you in the jailhouse. They’ll get you out of the crack house. You can open up and share anything with them. You’ll never inherit your kingdom until you find your confidant. You can’t be David till you find your Jonathan. Having a good confidant is the key that unlocks the kingdom because you were raised outside the gates. God is going to cause you to reach over the wall and you’re going to need a good confidant to mentor you for what God is going to do next in your life. The problem with most people is that everyone they run around with is under them and so you’re forever feeding or mentoring people who can’t mentor you. After years of mentor them they begin to drain you. You need somebody to mentor you so that you can mentor somebody else; A CONFIDANT.
Confidants are those few people that come along in your life that are for you, with you, are intimately intertwined with your life. They are there to make sure that you reach your destiny. They will confront you, they will get in your face, in your business, and they will tell you when you’re wrong because they’re confidants. If you have two or three of them in your life you’re a blessed person. Without them you’ll never be what you were set out to be. You need to find your confidant.

they are not into you, they are into what you are for. They are for what you are for. They are your constituents. As long you are for what they are for they will labor with you, work with you but never think that they are for you. THEY ARE FOR WHAT YOU ARE FOR. You have to know that because if they meet somebody else that will further their agenda they will leave you for them. They were from the beginning your CONSTITUENTS.  Throughout your life if you’re not careful, particularly if you are broken you will mistake you’re constituents for your confidants. You’ll think that they are for you when they are really for what you are for. By the time you get through falling in love with them they will break your heart as they hook up with somebody else who is for what you are for because it was never about you anyway. It was about the causes you represent. THEY ARE FOR WHAT YOU ARE FOR BUT THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU; YOU’RE CONSTITUENTS.

this people are not for you nor are they for what you are for, it is just that they are against what you are against. Comrades will make strange bedfellows. This will cause people to come together who are not for you and are not for what you are for but they against what you are against. They will team up with you to help fight a greater enemy. But do not be confused by their associations, they will only will only be with you until the victory is accomplished. These people are like scaffolding. They come into your life to fulfill a purpose. When the purpose is complete the scaffolding is removed. Do not be upset when these people are removed because the building always remains when the scaffolding is removed. In a nutshell, always expect the constituents and comrades to desert you after a while. Don’t be upset when they don’t react to your dream the way you expected them to because they were never really with you in the first place.

Be careful then who you tell your dream to because if you tell your dream to your constituents they will desert you and try to fulfill the dream without you. If you tell it to your comrades they will never support you because they were never for what you are for anyway!
If you find two or three people in your life who you can share with your dream you’re blessed person.
To identify people who are really for you, they will weep with you when you weep and they’ll rejoice with you when you rejoice. When you walk into a room and you tell somebody good news stop being happy for a minute and watch their reaction. If they aren’t happy for you shut your mouth and walk back out of the door.
The good thing is God always sends somebody. Don’t fret for the people that left but instead thank God for the people that He sent into your life and never left you the same because life is indeed like a coat of many colors.

coat of many colors…

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I love this =)


For our visitors, throughout the month of June, we’ve been going through a series called “HEROES WANTED: An Invitation To Change The World” In the book of Acts, we’ve been tracking a very ordinary group of men and women who had a defining encounter with God’s power, and were able to change their city, and then their region and then the world. The amazing thing we’ve been learning is that this same power is available for us today. God is still in the business of turning ordinary men and women into world-changing super-heroes, and this book shows us how. We’ve looked at the impact these disciples had on their city and on their region. Today we want to see how they launched out into what seemed like an impossible mission –

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amazing…..just what I needed:)


Is there a better way to find Mr/Ms Right? Today we’re starting off a new series called ‘Finders Keepers: how to find and keep the One’. We want to learn some foundational principles from scripture about how to enter and conduct healthy romantic relationships. Some of us are hoping to enter such relationships and I pray this month will help you learn how to prepare for one. Some of us are already in a relationship or are married and I pray this month will give you a great opportunity to evaluate your relationship and learn how to grow it. Some of us are not interested in a romantic relationship; we’ve been hurt by one or we’re just not ready. And that’s fine too – I pray you’ll have a chance to learn more about yourself and the type of person God wants you to be.

Read Genesis 29:31-35 [NIV]

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Very practical……awesome stuff:)


<pThis month we’ve been going through a series called ‘Finders Keepers: How To Find and Keep The One’. We’re learning some foundational principles from scripture about how to enter into and conduct healthy romantic relationships. As we’ve said all along, this series is for you whether you’re hoping to enter a romantic relationship, whether you’re already in a relationship or married and even if you’re not entertaining the idea of entering into a romantic relationship now or in the near future. Our first principle … was that in a time when everyone around us is looking for a relationship to meet their needs, stop searching for the one, be the one!‘ Then we focused on Deal Breakers and we learnt that the most important foundation for an intimate marriage is One Leader, One Love! Last week was Buyer’s Remorse when we talked about the…

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